The Law Society of Singapore

The Law Society of Singapore

The Law Society of Singapore, established in 1967, is the representative body for all lawyers in Singapore. Our membership includes advocates and solicitors with practising certificates, non-practitioner members and Honorary members elected by Council.

The Law Society’s mission is to serve its members and the community by sustaining a competent and independent Bar which upholds the rule of law and ensures access to justice.

The Law Society is managed by a Council, assisted by a Secretariat and committees.

The purposes and powers of the Law Society are provided by, and subject to, the provisions of the Legal Profession Act.

Key statutory purposes of the Law Society include:

Representing, protecting and assisting members of the Singapore legal profession

  • Promoting the interests of the Singapore legal profession
  • Maintaining and improving the standards of conduct and learning of the Singapore legal profession
  • Protecting and assisting the public in Singapore in all matters relating to the law
  • Establishing a scheme whereby impecunious persons on non-capital charges are represented by lawyers

For further queries, please contact:

  • c/o The Law Society of Singapore
  • Continuing Professional Development Departmentment
  • 39 South Bridge Road Singapore 058673
  • Tel: +65 65300239
  • Fax: +65 65335700
  • Email:

Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore (IPAS)

The Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore Limited (IPAS) was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 12 April 2005 with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) formerly known as Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS) and the Law Society of Singapore (Law Society) pursuant to the recommendations of the Company Legislation and Regulatory Framework Committee.

IPAS was set up to among other things provide a corporate identity and an organisation for insolvency practitioners and finance and other professionals; to set standards for the insolvency profession; to provide training and continuing professional development to insolvency professionals; to advance the status and interest of insolvency professionals; to protect the character of the insolvency profession; and to frame and establish rules for observance in matters pertaining to codes of professional conduct and practice and the award of certificates and qualifications. It also aims to regulate and exercise professional supervision over insolvency practitioners, associates, fellows and students of IPAS.

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